About CPD

Uganda Medical Laboratory Technology Association (UMLTA) is an Association of all Medical Laboratory Professionals working in both Public and Private sectors of Uganda with a main objective of promoting and maintaining high standards of professionalism and excellence in Medical Laboratory Service delivery in Uganda.

CPD Mandate

Professional practice in the health sector requires consistent and ongoing commitment from all concerned with lifelong learning in order to update and develop the knowledge, skills and ethical attitudes that underpin competent practice. This perspective protects the public interest and promotes the health of all members of the Ugandan society. Guided by the principle of beneficence, medical laboratory professionals aspire to standards of excellence in health care provision and delivery.

It is upon this Background that UMLTA has been mandated by the Allied Health Professionals' Council (AHPC) to conduct Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Training for all Laboratory professionals in the country. It is through CPD that the professionals obtain credit units in form of hours attended to fulfil the requirement for renewing their Annual practicing Licence (APL). One must have attended atleast 50hours of CPD before renewing their APL with Allied Health Professionals Council. These hours must be recorded in the CPD Diary (valid for one year) given to the professionals at the time of Registration with the Council and will be presented at the time of renewing the APL.

Trainings That can Earn You CPD Points

    Some of the trainings/meetings recognized by the council that contribute to CPD hours include;

  • A. Personal study e.g. topic reading . A maximum of 10 hours each year will be allowed as a contribution to CPD hours
  • B. Personal Research or audit (proof of such activity may be require eg news letter or journal publication)
  • C. Professional meetings e.g. journal clubs
  • D. Performance/audit meetings e.g. Diagnostic or outreach
  • E. Workshop Conferences which are professionally relevant . A maximum of 25hrs each year will be allowed as a contribution to CPD hours
  • F. Attendance at a lecture
  • G. Examining , facilitating and supervising learners in the relevant professionals . A maximum of 25hrs each year will be allowed as a contribution to CPD hours
  • H. Facilitating and supervising learning . A maximum of 10hrs each year will be allowed as a contribution to CPD hours

Note: When you are the main person facilitating or presenting a given discussion or talk, then you are entitled to double the hours recorded to yourself for the activity. This could apply to codes CDEFG & H