About Us

Who we are

We, the Medial Laboratory Technologists in Uganda, assembled at Jinja on 10th November 1968 realizing the need and necessity of an existence of an Association of Medical Laboratory professionals in this country to pursue our aims and aspirations, resolve that there is hereby established an Association

The main Headquarters of the Association shall be situated in Kampala with branches which shall be established in all the health sub-regions with headquarters in Regional and/or National Referral Hospitals of Uganda and anywhere else when the members justify the formation of such a branch.

Our Objectives

  • To bring all Medical Laboratory Professionals in Uganda together in order to discuss and recommend measures for the betterment of the profession.
  • To encourage and enable members of the Association to render and provide the best possible professional standard of service to the nation
  • To establish, promote and maintain a high standard of professional integrity of members of the Association and the professional skills and reputation of the member
  • To promote, safeguard and protect the professional aims, interests, welfare and aspirations of member
  • To encourage higher education in Medical Laboratory Technology so as to enable the members of the Association to render the best possible standard of service to the nation
  • To establish and maintain contacts and co-operation with the government, members of the public and other institutions whenever necessary for the purpose of the implementation of the responsibilities of the profession to the nation
  • To encourage and publish literature of such a nature as shall best promote and achieve the aims of the Association
  • To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of any property movable or immovable
  • To act in an advisory capacity on matters related to Medical Laboratory Technology in Uganda.
  • To work with the Allied Health Professionals’ Council and other Regulatory authorities to protect the integrity of the Medical Laboratory profession and the interest of the community.
  • To perform such acts as are necessary for the attainment of the above aims and objective.
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